This album was recorded in 1982 and released in 1983. Essentially an abbreviated version of the soundtrack used by Tomek Lamprecht in his media performance piece "Departure Syndrome". Parts of it were incorporated later in his symphony/dance-performance work created in collaboration with the late composer, violin virtuoso, and Cannes Film Festival Palm D'Or nominee, Michael Galasso, and dancer/choreographer Frank Conversano.
Except for one violin track by Michael Galasso and two percussion tracks by Rico Espinet all instruments are played by Tomek. The album is also one of the pioneering recordings using the first sampling computer/synthesizer, Fairlight CMI.
All compositions by ©Tomek Lamprecht 1983.
Side 1

01. Reminder

02. Jingle

03. Contract

Side 2

04. Prelude

05. Talking

06. Love Music

The album was recorded at the legendary A&R studios in Manhattan 1984. It was partly created to provide soundtrack for a video commissioned by Willy Smith and his fashion company Willy Wear Productions. Smith invited several New York artists to produce art pieces involving his clothing line that used artists' designed fabrics and prints of their work. All proceeds went to New York Aids organizations.
The video produced for this purpose, "Made in New York," featured the music and Lamprecht's performance, and was made in collaboration with renown video artist, Les Levine.
All songs written and produced by ©Tomek Lamprecht, 1984.
Side 1

01. Life is good

02. Poland

03. Ambition

04. Now or never

05. Susie H

Side 2

06. God, family and country

07. State of War

08. I'm coming closer to you

09. 3rd Part in Spanish

10. I Gotta Fever

Extras — not on the album

Georgia, Georgia

Second chance

You're not God

Model Citizens in 1978, from left: Gloria Richards, Tomek lamprecht, Eugenie Deserio and Steve Alexander

This was a project started by the above four while they were in the final year of the Graduate School of the Arts at Columbia University. The project was conceived as a trance-audiences art piece that inserted art performance into underground clubs and alternative art spaces, from after hours Hollywood Club and CBGBs to Carnegie Hall and Art Basel. The audiences that it attracted ranged from hard core punks to museum curators and art world professionals. The fans included Frank Zappa and John Cale who produced the EP released on SPY records in 1979. Aside from the four founding members (not all of whom were musicians) the group pulled in rhythm sections for live performances and recordings that included drummer Bob Medici and base player, Billy Robertson.
The new release of the album, including previously unreleased tracks is available on Modern Harmonic.
In 1980 MODEL CITIZENS broke up based on differences in creative aims and priorities of the four founders. Lamprecht and Gloria Richards splintered off to pursue more experimental and art focused direction and formed a music-media performance project 2YOUS. The 2YOUS toured US and Europe performing in alternative art spaces, new music venues, galleries and museums.
Unreleased music
Since the released recordings and collaborative engagements Lamprecht continued composing and recording through 80's and 90's. In the late 80's he focused on producing "Musical Poems", sound pieces created for specific individuals and applications. Below is a sample of one of those pieces titled "Reception Music" recorded in 1989 and used as a background sound at an event.

More unreleased music to come soon
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